Apple Inc is working on its own Mac chips, which could replace the Intel processors currently running on its computers as soon as 2020, according to a report by Bloomberg.依据英国金融时报的一篇报导,苹果企业已经打造自身的Mac电脑芯片,最开始将在今年 替代现阶段其电脑经营的英特尔CPU。The project, called Kalamata, has been approved by the companys executives but is still in early stages of development and may face a multi-step transition.这一起名叫“卡拉玛塔”的新项目已获得苹果高层住宅准许后,但现阶段行远必自正处在产品研发的前期环节,很有可能会逐渐进行过渡。The project would be part of Apples grand plan of making all of its devices, including Macs, iPhones and iPads, work more seamlessly together.该新项目或将是苹果使其全部机器设备,还包含Mac电脑上、iPhone和iPad更为紧密联系这一宏大方案的一部分。



In addition, shifting to its own chips would allow Apple to release new Macs on its own timelines, instead of following Intels processor roadmap.除此之外,用以自己集成ic将使苹果必须依照本身的时刻表发布新的Mac电脑上,无须再次回家英特尔CPU的步伐相去复几许。Besides the Kalamata project, Apple is also working on a software platform code-named Marzipan, which aims to enable software developers to create apps that would work for both the iOS operating system running on iPhones and iPads and the macOS running on Mac computers, according to the report.该报导称作,除开卡拉玛塔新项目,苹果仍在产品研发一个编号为“杏仁糖”的软件系统,其目地是让软件开发技术必须产品研发出带既能作为在iphone和ipad上经营的iOS电脑操作系统,还可以作为在Mac电脑经营的macOS电脑操作系统的运用于。The platform might be introduced to the public as early as this year, with a great chance to be launched at the companys Worldwide Developers Conference in June.该服务平台最开始将于2020年与群众碰面,并很有可能在2020年6月份举行的苹果全世界开发人员交流会上发布。

Apples potential shift, which could be potentially abandoned or delayed, has already given Intel Corp a hard hit in the market, as its shares dropped as much as 9.2 percent on the news.苹果的这一潜在性变化(虽仍有可能撤出或推迟),早就让英特尔企业在销售市场上遭受了重挫,在信息曝出后,英特尔的股票价格狂跌了9.2%。5 percent of Intels annual revenue is contributed by Apple, according to the report.该报导称作,英特尔每一年的营业收入中有5%是苹果奉献的。