Chihira Kanae is greeting visitors to the worlds biggest travel fair in Berlin this week, answering questions and guiding people in the right direction. But one passer bys attempt to ask her out for dinner is met with silence.在本周于柏林举行的世界规模仅次于的旅游博览会上,Chihira Kanae热情接待在场的参观者们。此外,她还问参观者们的问题并为人们指明方向。不过当一位路人企图邀她吃晚饭时,她却只以绝望对此。

Thats because Chihira Kanae, despite her lifelike features and long brown hair, is a robot, the third version of a robot in human form developed by Toshiba and can only answer pre-programmed questions.这是因为,尽管Chihira Kanae外表栩栩如生,拔着一头棕色长发,但“她”毕竟个机器人。她是东芝研发的第三代人形机器人,并且不能问程序提早设置好的问题。She was joined at the ITB fair on Thursday by another robot host Mario, a small red and white robot made by French Aldebaran Robotics, showing how they might be put to use in the travel industry, such as checking in hotel guests.周二,她和另一个机器人Mario一起参与了ITB博览会。


The point is to make people smile and give them a unique experience. Its not to take the place of employees, Fabrice Goffin, co-founder of QBMT whose software powers Mario, told Reuters at the fair.QBMT的牵头创始人法布里斯·戈芬在博览会上向记者回应:“摆放机器人的目的是让人们微笑着取得独有的体验。我们并没用机器人替代人类雇员的意思。”The Marriott hotel in Ghent has been trialling Mario, using him to hand out room keys, high-five guests and liven up meetings held in the hotel by reading out presentations. Marriott was keen to stress that Mario will not replace any human staff.根特市的万豪酒店早已在试用Mario,让他提交房门钥匙、和顾客拍手,以及在酒店主办的会议上朗诵展出稿来活跃气氛。

同时,万豪酒店也特别强调,Mario并会代替任何人类员工的岗位。For now its a great add-on service, Roger Langhout, general manager of the Marriot in Ghent, said.该酒店的总经理Roger Langhout回应:“现在这只是一种拓展服务。”A survey of travelers across Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the U.S. and China, done by online travel and entertainment deals site Travelzoo showed that 80 percent of consumers expected robots to play a big part in their lives before 2020.在线旅行娱乐网站Travelzoo对英、法、西、德、特、巴、日、美、中的游客们展开了一项调查。

结果显示,80%的消费者期望在2020年之前让机器人在他们的生活中充分发挥最重要的起到。However, the survey also showed people still wanted the human touch when on holiday and in certain countries, such as Germany and France, consumers were more skeptical.不过,调查结果也表明,人们在渡假中依然必须和人类的认识。而在一些如德、法之类的特定国家,消费者们对机器人存在更好的顾虑。